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What's with the name?

I often get asked where the name Mijo Photography came from.  Let me explain...

My great grandma, Mildred, and my great grandpa owned a clothing/general store in a small town just outside of Iowa. At the time, my grandmother, Joan, was a little girl. The shop was well known in the area and quickly became a family business for my great grandparents.  The shop was named after the first two initials of my great grandmother's name and my grandma's name.  

Mi(ldred) + Jo(an) = The MiJo Shop

pronounced MY-JOE

After going back and forth for a long time on what to name my photography business, it hit me while on a visit and driving past the location of the MiJo Shop that I should carry on the family business name. The name has now been around for 4 generations!  I'm proud to be able to keep the name alive.

Now...looking at the name I also see that the way it's pronounced spells out MY-JOE.  I do enjoy myself a good cup of 'joe' in the morning.  In fact, I sometimes go to bed at night looking forward to my coffee in the morning.  : )  

So perhaps the name is two-fold.  

I know my grandma is tickled by the name of my business.  I'm pretty sure my sweet great grandparents are looking down and would also be proud at the thought of their great granddaughter keeping the family name alive after all these years.